4 Quin™ PFS contains 0.5% Moxifloxacin in a specially customized 0.5ml glass pre-filled syringe. The solution is Isotonic (Osmolarity range 285-310 mOsml/L) , Pyrogen-free, Preservative-free and Particulate-free. The syringe is terminally sterilized by autoclave, and is packed in a double pouch system.

4 Quin™ PFS makes an excellent intra-operative product owing to its convenience of administration and enhanced safety features. Using this product could help save the eye surgeon time, money and reduce the risk of contamination during surgery.

4 Quin™ PFS has undergone an Indian DCGI approved Randomized Controlled Trial (with Ethical Committee Approval) at one of India’s Leading Eye Institutes PBMA HV Desai Eye Hospital (Pune, India) to assess and evaluate its safety. For details on this study please click below:

Randomized Controlled Trial on 4 Quin™ PFS at PBMA HV Desai Eye Hospital 

4 Quin™ PFS is also currently undergoing Phase 4 clinical trials (PMS) at 3 different sites in India to evaluate its efficacy and safety in other clinical areas of ophthalmology.

General Scientific Evidence of Intra-operative Use

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