Quality, Innovation & Research

We at Entod have always committed to maintaining the Highest Quality standards for all our products and services. The feedback we receive from all our markets has always been positive and considerably boosted our image.  We say ‘Quality is Our Creed, We Breed Quality’. Our 38 years of pharmaceutical expertise allows us to continually develop and design innovative new products. Our research activities stem from our International Research Centres and our Indian Formulation R&D where we engage in Formulation Development, Clinical research and ophthalmic educational programmes.

Well Equipped Formulation R&D

All our formulations are now designed and developed in the UK using international expertise. Our primary Formulation R&D is based in Glasgow (UK) where we have our very own exclusive laboratory employing over 10 formulation scientists. Our secondary Formulation R&D is based at Rabale (India) where we have a state-of-the-art facility employing some of India’s highly renowned pharmaceutical chemists engaging in formulation optimization, quality control implementation, pharmaceutical analysis and clinical trials.

WHO GMP Manufacturing

We manufacture for a global market, and this is only made possible with our WHO GMP accreditation and consistently high standards that we employ. All our products are manufactured at state-of-the-art US FDA, MHRA and WHO GMP facilities using the latest technologies and the most efficient processes. Our manufacturing processes are heavily scrutinized by our pharmaceutical chemists and every effort is taken to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality.

Exports to Various Countries

Our consistently high international standards, extensive and innovative product range and WHO GMP accreditation makes the Entod brand highly desirable to international markets. Our export business has considerably grown in the last few years and now contributes to over 20% of our annual turnover. With several future export projects in the pipeline Entod is all set to take the international Ophthalmic market by storm.

Dedicated & United Team

We at Entod have a passion for designing and producing high quality pharmaceutical products and services. And this passion is seen in every member of our committed team.We strive hard for doctors, patients and the medical fraternities we cater to. Our team comprises of over 500 personnel from all corners of the globe. Together we are one strong family!