Background Information

Market surveys carried out between 2008 and 2011 showed a lack of effective fast-acting analgesic combinations in the Indian market. Since then the Entod International Group along with its international research collaborators have been actively involved in the development and design of an innovative multimodal fast-acting combination analgesic formulation for the Indian market.

Our research partner Entod Research Cell Ltd. (UK) has been working on developing fast-dissolving non-effervescent oral dosage forms since 2010. In early 2012 an innovative drug delivery system called FastZorb™ was unveiled by their biolabs. This technology was shown to release multiple active ingredients upto 50% faster than conventional tablet formulations in the stomach and small intestine. The FastZorb™ technology platform was then extensively tested with a popular combination analgesic tablet dosage form at our research centres; and the successful outcomes of these studies led to the commercial production of Dolo-First® Tablets (Tramadol Hydrochloride 37.5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg).

Mode of Action

Scientific Evidence for FastZorb™

The Dolo-First® FastZorb™ Live Demonstration Video


Indications and Dosage


  • Moderate to Severe Pain

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