ENPRED™ contains Difluprednate 0.05% in an Ophthalmic Emulsion Base.


ENPRED™ contains a potent ocular steroid that is indicated for post-operative pain and inflammation following cataract surgery..


ENPRED™ is India’s Only Difluprednate in a controlled dose EN-2™ eye drop bottle delivering exactly 20 microlitre eye drop dose. This reduced drop size improves Accuracy and reduces Overdose.

Other features of ENPRED™ include:

  • Specialised Emulsion formulation – therefore No Need for shaking before use
  • Free from harmful preservatives such as Benzalkonium Chloride & Demostrted Safety Profile


ENPRED™ is supplied in a 5ml three-piece plastic vial of white opaque color.


Disclaimer: The above product related information is intended for medical practitioners only