Our Formulation R&D programme is run by our International Research Service Provider Entod Research Cell UK Ltd. (ERC labs department). With its headquarters in London (UK), the ERC team run by Entod’s Executive Director Nikhil Masurkar (MPharm, MRPharmS UK)  consists of highly qualified pharmaceutical scientists, technicians and clinical pharmacists who engage not only in formulation development but also run a fully functional Medicines Information department, Professional Support service and Clinical Trials Programme for the Entod International Group.


ERC labs manage our state-of-the-art Formulation Research laboratories in the UK, Europe and India. This allows us to continually design and develop newer ophthalmic drug delivery systems, while optimising and improvising on existing formulations in the global market.

The UK establishment maintains close associations with various ophthalmic institutions, professional bodies, ophthalmic research centres and other pharmaceutical companies.This gives it access to the latest technologies, research findings and allows collaborative working.

ERC labs also assist in formulation R&D relating to ENT, analgesic and paediatric medicines. Its advanced taste-masking technologies and fast-dissolving tablet technologies give us the diversity in formulation R&D that is required for a global pharmaceutical product range. You may visit the ERC website on ophthalmicsuk.com

Our Indian Formulation R&D is based at Rabale (India). This is run under Medisearch Laboratories Pvt. (India) with technical advice from ERC labs. Here we have a state-of-the-art FDA approved R&D laboratory facility employing some of India’s highly renowned pharmaceutical chemists engaging in formulation optimization, quality control implementation, pharmaceutical analysis and clinical trials.