SEDDS™ Drug Delivery System Demonstration Video


 SEDDS™ – The New Drug Delivery System for Eye Drops

Background Information

Since the invention of eye drops in 1945 there have been minimal changes to their vehicles and buffer systems. New ophthalmic molecules available today are formulated using more or less the same base and buffer systems that were used over 70 years ago. Most of the commercially available eye drops today contain alcohol-containing excipients and additives potentially harmful to the ocular surface. Even the more modern emulsion eye drops contain potentially irritant oils such as castor oil, etc.

None of these eye drops have really shown to be truly successful in efficient drug delivery across the cornea, with scintigraphy studies showing drug absorption as low as 5% for many common ophthalmic molecules. Lack of a robust drug delivery system in eye drops has led to great variations in clinical outcomes and made ophthalmic medicines management a difficult affair. 

Entod’s Indian R&D team (Medisearch Laboratories) in partnership with its international research partners have developed a revolutionary new eye drop drug delivery system called SEDDS™ that uses only biocompatible and alcohol-free excipients. Such a system provides ultranano carriers containing the encapsulated active drug. These tiny carriers effectively and efficiently deliver the active drug to the ocular surface without being washed away by tear fluids. The result is a significantly enhanced clinical outcome with greatly reduced side effects. This would provide patients much better comfort and improve compliance.

Eye drops containing the SEDDS™ vehicle appear as clear liquids that give a slight blueish tinge upon investigating under light. The blueish tinge indicates the specific light reflection from the ultranano sized carriers.

Entod have developed over 10 commonly prescribed ophthalmic molecules with the SEDDS™ vehicle including larger and lipophilic molecules such as cyclosporinprednisolone, loteprednol, dexamethasone, etc.


Entod’s CYCLOTEARS™ Eye Drops contains 0.05% Cyclosporin formulated with the SEDDS™ vehicle.


Disclaimer: The above information is intended for medical practitioners only