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Tobracid™ Eye Application Capsules come in a blister strip of 10. Each eye application capsule contains 0.3% Tobramycin in a sterile ointment base.

The eye application capsules are preservative-free and single-dose. They have the advantage of containing a broad-spectrum antibiotic (Tobramycin 0.3%) which is particularly effective against Pseudomonas. It is especially safe in children and is well proven as an effective antibiotic. In children it is mainly used in bacterial conjunctivitis whereas in adults it is usually used as post-operative antibiotic cover.

Advantage of eye application capsules VS traditional multidose ointment tubes:

–          Less chance of bacterial contamination as they are single-dose.

–          Safer, less messy and more convenient to use compared to traditional ointment tubes. Traditional ointment tubes can sometimes cause physical damage to the         eyes due to its tip and incorrect application by the patient.

Disclaimer: Any product related information is intended for medical practitioners only.