Stabilized Oxychloro Complex

Our International Research Partner  Entod Research Cell UK Ltd. (ERC Labs) specialises in the development and production of High Purity Laboratory Reagents and Specialized Pharmaceutical Excipients such as Stabilized Oxychloro Complex (SOC). At our exclusive state-of-the-art laboratory facility run by our sister-concern company Medisearch Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, we use the technical expertise from our international collaborators to produce and supply SOC.

Our SOC has been incorporated into several eye drop formulation worldwide with excellent safety and preservative effects.

Our SOC has met the following standards:

Shown to be physically compatible with soft contact lenses according to ISO 11981:2009

– Meets the European Pharmacopeia Criteria B for efficacy of preservatives for ophthalmic use

– Considered ‘NON CYTOTOXIC’ as interpreted according to ISO 10993-5:2009

– Considered ‘NON IRRITANT’ at ocular level as interpreted according to ISO 10993-10:2010

Furthermore, apart from supply of SOC we also provide extensive Formulation Development support for inclusion of SOC in ophthalmic preparations. We are one of the few companies globally to have the full technical know-how of SOC and its formulation development with ophthalmic drops.

For trade enquiries on SOC and other excipients kindly email us on socsales@medisearchlabs.com