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EyeHealth by ENTOD YouTube Channel

Check out our brand new YouTube channel "EyeHealth by ENTOD" - The Patient Eye Health Education Video Channel - Simplified information about the most common eye conditions, eye treatments and eye surgery options, delivered directly by video from some of the world's top eye sugeons - an ENTOD exclusive issued in public interest.

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iAssist – The Smart Medicine Reminder Mobile App

We have specially designed and developed a new mobile app called iAssist - The Smart Medicine Reminder Mobile app that assists patients to comply to their prescriptions. This FREE app will assist patients irrespective of which medicines or brands are prescribed. Download iAssist TODAY


 Demonstration of iAssist 

This video gives you a step by step demonstration of iAssist, how to enter your prescription details with the mobile app and how to simply set prescription medicine reminders on your smartphone. iAssist is developed by our educational partner Brainovations Education Excellence Pvt Ltd. For any queries please email the technical team on brainovations@gmail.com

Patient Benefits of HYLA™ PF

See a video demonstration of the unique patient benefits of the NOVELIA® Preservative-FREE Eye Drop Technology and Entod's HYLA™ PF Eye Drops. NOVELIA®  is considered to be one of the most advanced Preservative-FREE Eye Drop Technologies around with the most desired patient benefits.