Our research teams are constantly involved in the development of innovative drug delivery systems in ophthalmic & ENT therapeutics, that can be incorporated into our finished products. This gives our products the technological edge & improves treatment outcomes. 

Our FDA approved international formulation R&D facilities provide us with the technologies to develop and design the highest quality formulations and continuously innovate in various areas of pharmaceuticals. Our research teams consist of some of the most experienced pharmaceutical scientists & chemists engaging in new product development, formulation optimization and clinical trials. Our formulations therefore have the technological edge compared to the more traditional therapies available. 


THE OXYDEW™Buffer System for Dry Eye Therapies

OXYDEW™ – The Innovative Buffer System for use with Dry Eye Therapies

This advanced borate-based buffer provides better comfort, longer-lasting ocular lubrication and greater formulation stability. 

SEDDS™ – The New Drug Delivery System for Eye Drops

SEDDS™ – The New Drug Delivery System for Eye Drops 

ENTOD's CYCLOTEARS™ Eye Drops contains 0.05% Cyclosporin and is formulated with the ground-breaking SEDDS™ vehicle. 

NOVELIA® Preservative-FREE Eye Drop Technology.

NOVELIA® Preservative-FREE Eye Drop Technology. 

ENTOD has tied up with the French pharmaceutical technology giant NEMERA (France) to develop and launch Preservative-FREE Multi-dose eye drops 

4GOS™ Fourth Generation Suspension Technology.

4GOSFourth Generation Ocular Suspension Technology. 

ENTOD's research team has developed an innovative micronized ocular suspension that gives better formulation stability, greater bioavailability, more accurate dosing and reduced ocular irritation. This technology can be incorporated into eye drop formulations containing insoluble ocular molecules



An innovative intracameral injection for achieving complete mydriasis and intraocular anaesthesia directly on the operating table, without the use of preoperative dilating eye drops. Phenocaine Plus intracameral injection is a preservative-free combination of Phenylephrine, Lidocaine & Tropicamide.